This Website is related to Sadhnas, for which a true sadhak pines always. In this Website you will find the secrets of Dus Mahavidhyas (Mahakali Tara,Shri Vidya Tripurasunari,bhuvaneshwari devi,tripur bhairavi,Chhinnamastika, Dhumavati,Baglamukhi,Matangi,Kamala), Secrets of mantra, tantra, & yantra, Asht Bhairav Sadhana, Asht Nagini Tantra, Kinkini Sadhana, Aghor Kalp, Brahmastra vidhya, laxmi tantra, Krodh Bhairav sadhana, Asht Laxmi Prayog, the secrets of Chakras, vartali sadhana, yakshini tantra, Bhairvi Chakra Sadhana, secrets of panch Makars, Astrology, Vastu & Various other Secret Sadhanas.


Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji is the Writter of several books on Hindu Mythology. With a great request he accept the invitation to be a Editor of this Website. Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji is such a person who has invented many ways to get success within a short time. He has got so nice achievements by the Sadhnas, that nobody can trust easily. The proud or greed never touch him. We , the deciples of Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji have never seen the moment, when he became aggressive or helpless. He appears enthusias always, filled with energy & ready to that, which is neglected by all.

A few words to the aspirants

An individual may fail to become eternal but there are many options in the field of spirituality by which he may achieve what he wants. Performing religious rituals, yoga and by following such other sources you may obtain sufficient energy (Power) and some extra-ordinary powers, which is called siddhi. But these siddhis are fruitless as they don’t carry us to our real goal. The ultimate siddhi is the grace of Adya Shakti, the personification of the entire cosmos and who is a powerful source in escaping the cycle of reincarnation. That is only she, who can carry you to your accurate goal.

Essential to the production of any siddhi are Mantra, Yantra and Tantra. In the journey towards Siddhi, Mantra is the energy which moves your vehicle (yantra) according to the road map (Tantra or Sadhana). Thus there three sources are very essential to achieve siddhi. Shabda (Sound) relates to the sky, while Mantra is a collection of Shabdas or sounds. When we recite any Mantra its vibrations provide energy to the Yantra. Sounds appear on the electromagnetic spectrum as one variety of energy which can be manipulated by the Sadhaka. The frequent repetition of the Mantra eventually results in a sort of standing wave, permanently energizing either an external Yantra or some area of the reciter’s brain, and results in the regular production of a specific effect. Out of all the kinds of spiritual rituals, there is an important kind of performing sadhana and that is called ‘devotion’ or Bhakti. The devotee and deity are not separate from each other, but only then when the devotee is totally surrendered to the deity. First Mantra, Yantra and Tantra are used to create the form of the deity in the aspirant’s consciousness. Then the devotee and the deity will be together continuously. This stage of Sadhaka is called Tanmayata. Eventually this togetherness is turned into one and the devotee’s original personality is eliminated and only the deity’s personality remains. After this Eikya (oneness) an aspirant turns into the statue of mother who pours her love on everyone and makes sitted him to Her lap. Infect at this stage the Sadhaka forgets everything and begins to love everyone. This is also true that as you look to the world, so the world will look to you. If the world is his mother and its all inhabitants are his family-members, then there is no existence of loneliness, despair or fear. If mother has accepted him, then there is no need to do something, she will accomplish his every wisdom without being asked. She is very very great. I adieu to Her. The source of my inspiration is Mother Baglamukhi. It has been said about her that if an aspirant meditates on her lotus feet only one time, his all the sins are removed at once, if one meditates two times his all the disasters are ruined without any delay and the person who meditates three times at her lotus feet his all the impossible tasks turn into possibility. I have never seen in my life when I had to asked Her for any particular desire till then I have come to her shelter. That is why I invite you to take her shelter and to be sitted in her lap. “We are regular in touch of such yogies, Aughars, Tantriks & sanyasies, who are ready to tell every secrets of the sadhnas, which are sure to the good result. If any body is curious to know & wants to learn these sadhnas, he is advised to contact us for required directions for the sadhna to whom he likes. If you are in search of a mature sadhak, or if you are so mature to teach the able desiples, you are always welcome.”